3420 Barrancas Ave.
Pensacola, FL

850-857-9118 ​​

You didn't come this far to only come this far!

New Horizons Fitness
​is an innovative fitness center that is unlike any other!
​( Everyone says that about their gym, but we really are!)
New Horizons Fitness is specially designed to meet the needs of the physically impaired and disabled members of our community. ​We utilize specific equipment, knowledge ,and years of experience to target the individual needs of our clients.

How we really are different...

  All of the equipment at NHF is specifically chosen to assist clients with all types of physical impairments to fulfill their fitness goals.
At NHF you don't have to create your own exercise plan, remember how to set up the equipment, and be left on your own to work toward your goals. New Horizons Fitness is a "No Memory Required" facility. A Trainer will work with you to create a fitness program to target your individual needs, and be available to you at every visit to set up equipment and guide you through your personal program at no extra cost.  
​New Horizons Fitness not only allows children, but parents/guardians are encouraged to bring their physically impaired young ones to NHF to use our child-friendly equipment to help improve their kiddo's muscle tone, mobility andcoordination in a fun environment. Parents will also be assisted by a Trainer to create a program that targets their child's indvidual needs along with guidance to reach their goals. 
​New Horizons Fitness Trainers (who are full of personality) have backgrounds in therapy which allows us to create appropriate, safe, and effective fitness programs for our clients. (in other words, we really know what we're doing)
​New Horizons Fitness fosters a fun, welcoming, atmosphere with Trainers who, aside from their technical knowledge, also specialize in pep-talks, encouragement, coaching, and cheerleading!

The difference makes all the difference!