It is the mission of New Horizons Fitness to provide an opportunity for physically challenged members of our community to improve their quality of life by achieving their highest functional levels in a fun, friendly, and appropriate atmosphere.
Our Mission
Daily, people in our community are faced with overcoming physical challenges. Whether temporary or longterm, it can be a barrier to independence and a good quality of life.  The best road to overcoming physical deficits is physical or occupational therapy. However, too often, therapy benefits are not provided long enough to allow the patient to reach their maximum potential. Now the question
"What do I do now?" finally has an answer.

New Horizons Fitness is the answer!

For many people, the end of therapy is the end of their dream of becoming more functional and improving their quality of life. New Horizons Fitness wants to give new life to those dreams.

There is no criteria to become a member of New Horizons Fitness. Everyone is welcome! We foster a relaxing, fun, and positive atmosphere for members of all ages.